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Silent Night, Heavenly Peace: The Stillness of Christmas

Something I wrote for Catholic Exchange:

A mother is forced by her child’s needs to take time in the day just to love that child.  Just to stare at the perfection of God’s creation.  We chafe at the restrictions but it is a great work in this phase of life to actively engage in doing nothing.

Surely Our Blessed Mother spent much of the early days of Jesus’ life doing nothing, with Him.  These are the images evoked by many a Christmas Carol or painting of the Nativity.  Joy and excitement, marvels in the heavens and great movements of people, and at the center of it all a mother seated with her child at her breast.

To read the whole thing follow the link.

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Congratulations! It’s an Alien

I was given the opportunity to guest blog at Flourish In Hope a great resource for Postpartum Moms, expecially those struggling with PPD and PPA.  Check it out and then stick around to explore their site.

Let’s talk about babies.  Cute little bundles of joy, right?  Right.  Also terrifying.

And I don’t just mean because we’re worried for their health and safety.  I mean they themselves are super weird.

They are like aliens from another planet: mysterious visitors from the land before conception and after death.  We focus on how strange and frightening this world must be to them, but don’t like to mention that these emissaries from eternity are strange and frightening to us. (Read the rest at Flourish In Hope)

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