Dusting Off The Blog

So much has changed since I was writing regularly on this blog. I now have 6 children, the youngest, Peter, is one and a half. I took an unplanned sabbatical from writing at all for almost 2 years and it before that was writing mostly for Catholic Exchange. I have been deep in the trenches of home schooling and parenting babies to preteens. We have moved to Colorado and are beginning to adjust our mindset to moving mode again as our time before the Air Force reassigns Mike grows short. As I find myself with time and thing to say again I have returned to Catholic Exchange and so thought I would just leave a note here if you are directed here after reading one of my latest pieces. Hello! Thanks for coming. Sorry the place is all covered in cobwebs 🙂 Feel free to browse. I have written for Catholic Exchange more extensively in the last 4 years than I have here so consider checking out my author page there. I hope to have more to share with you soon.

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