The Name

Neumann DonThe name of this blog is inspired by the words of a lovely priest, the late Monsignor Donald Neumann of the Diocese of Vancouver.  He used to say, as often as he could possibly find cause, that each person is a “unique and unrepeatable gift from God.”  In our family it became a handy saying for both positive and negative descriptions.  Sometimes a Unique and Unrepeatable was a particularly amazing individual.  Sometimes it was a person you were rather glad God had only blessed the world with once.  I didn’t really want to have a blog because I didn’t want to have a “mothering” blog or a “military wife” blog or a “conservative Catholic” blog. I would like to believe, as I think we all would, that I’m not just the sum of a list of labels.  I am me.  Still I do enjoy writing and often find that others can relate to or enjoy what I write, probably because they are mothers, or military, or Catholic.  Or Canadian.  Each of us belongs to various groups: Religion, Political Stripe, Employment, Nationality etc. etc., but it is the minute differences in perspective on these that give us anything worth sharing.  A world of cookie cutter people continuously agreeing with each other is a) boring and b) already provided by cable news.  Giant differences of opinion are a) usually insurmountable because nobody will concede anything and b) already provided by cable news.  The sharing of little differences allows each person to fine tune their own understanding of a thing.

The name also stands for what I think is the greatness of a simple, unexceptional life:  all the unique and unrepeatable gifts from God made up of the friends and family we have and the moments of beauty that come and go throughout every day. Sometimes I like to write about Current Events, other times I like to share the lower case current events under my own roof. My little brood of Unrepeatables are a constant source of material.


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  2. Melissa

    I am a homeschooling active duty Air Force wife and mother of 5 who just read your blog for the first time through Catholic Exchange. You are sharing your gifts from God beautifully.

  3. This is beautiful. Each child is a unique, unrepeatable gift, with his or her own special mission. Each person is, as the saying goes, a universe unto themselves. May we be ever grateful for the mystery of each person we encounter. Many blessings to you and your unrepeatable family.
    Anna Eastland

    • How perfect you commented on this yesterday. I had just come back from Mass and a conversation with our priest after the difficult news we’ve had this week. I had decided to pray through the intercession of Father Neumann both for a good outcome and for strength in faith for me. So it was nice to find this comment and with it see the picture of him smiling at me 🙂 My Mum mentioned you are praying for us as well and I am so grateful.

  4. Monsignor Donald Neumann was my uncle as well as one of my greatest heroes. He passed away when I was only 8, but made an everlasting impact on my life. I’m glad to see he also made such a positive impact on yours, and it truly touches my heart you have a blog about him.

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