The Hill

For Science this year we are working on an Encyclopedia of Life On Our Hill.  We live on a beautiful acreage in the country. The pastures are rented out to a cow farmer and we keep chickens and ducks.  Our lovely neighbours just got a goat too!  Mainly though, the animal encyclopedia will cover the wild birds, bugs and other critters we run into. Special thanks to our neighbours on the hill, Gayle and Travis, for contributing to the Encyclopedia, including the great hummingbird shots.  Everytime I see the hummingbirds they get away before I get back with the camera!  We will add to this as we photograph more things.  My favourite bird watching season is almost upon us!  

6 responses to “The Hill

  1. Christine Ony

    Hi Caitlyn. This is your cousin Christina! I am going to send the unidentified pics to my sister-in-law as she is an insect expert and see if she knows what they are for you!

  2. Christine Ony

    My sister in law suggested posting those pics on the Entomology face book page…probably get a quick answer that way!

  3. Mary-Clare Turner

    My Bio prof is an entomologist and says the red one is a long horned beetle, the black one is a ground beetle and the moth is a geometrid moth. He could not specify what kind of cicada the cicada was.

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