The Characters

Me: Cait. I am a Canadian expat stay at home Catholic mom with conservative leanings, except if you ask conservatives who think I have left leanings. There. All my labels in one sentence.

JD: My firstborn. The Gentle Giant. Kung Fu master, scientist, sweetheart.

Gus: The Fierce Bad Rabbit. My second son. The criminal mastermind with the charming smile.  Every child but Gus has a favourite sibling.  Every child’s favourite sibling is Gus.

Gina: Or in full: Queen Gina Marina Ballerina.  She dances through life, dainty and regal.

Dulcie: Aptly named for Our Life Our Sweetness and Our Hope.  A bundle of curls and smiles and capital P Personality.  Dramatic.  A Tyrant with a heart of gold.

Our boys: Charlie and Samuel, the two little fellows we hope to meet again on the other side of eternity. 

Miriam: Baby Mim. So far all we know about her is that she disapproves of naps and prefers to be out on adventures.

Mike: The husband. He flies planes, plays guitar, scubas, fishes, plays with power tools, guns, beer making, and computer building.  My special gift from God.

Copenhagen: The Doggie.  He thinks he is litter mates with Fierce Bad and is a good puppy but overly fawning.  Until Daddy is away and a stranger comes.  Then he leaps to protect us.

Company The Cat.  Or Monseigneur Compagnie Le Chat on formal occasions.  A handsome specimen of cathood.

Shadow Cat: Myseteriously appeared in the nesting box of the hen coop with a crooked tail only a few weeks old.  Has survived being picked up and mauled by a great horned owl.  Not sure how many lives he has used up so far.

The Chickens:  Nothing is so pleasant as visiting a coop full of satisfied biddies.


2 responses to “The Characters

  1. Janet Turner

    This is gonna be fun! Congratulations! And the picture of Fr. Neumann made me … not teary – just deeply moved.

  2. I love your blog. 🙂

    It’s funny, my eldest son is the scientist, my second the charmer, and then I have two girls, the younger one named Gina- whose favourite song is “‘Gina’, pretty Ballerina” by ABBA. She is resolute about her name. If you call her anything else, like Darling for example, she will correct you. “I am not Darling. I am Gina.”

    Our Ginas were born right about the same time, too. Your dad was visiting us out here in Alberta a few days before my Gina arrived. Yours was first by a few days, I suppose. 🙂

    Anyway, pleasure meeting you via your lovely blog.

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