In Praise of Phonies

I wrote this 3 years ago. Sadly we’re even less civil than we were then.

The Unrepeatables

Full disclosure: Catcher In The Rye is very high on my Emperor’s New Clothes List: pop culture references I suspect most people claim to like because they don’t want to admit they don’t get them.  I’ve read it and I will openly say, I hate it.  Imagine my dismay then to find we are becoming a culture of Holden Caulfields.

If there’s anything the book gets right it is the self-important arrogance of the adolescent.  The world weary, know-it-all, contemptuousness of the teenager convinced he has it All Figured Out.  With the special brand of sanctimoniousness that comes with not having lived long enough to let yourself down, the young find it very easy to judge the failures of others.  It is as we grow up and inevitably fall short of our own ideals that we develop charity.  Few people can be quite as cavalierly judgmental as the adolescent because…

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