It’s been a big week for my little adventure in essay writing.  First I was given a chance to submit an article to Catholic Exchange and it was accepted and published!  The polished up version of Between Good Fridays is here.  I have also submitted another piece to a no kidding hard copy magazine.  Fingers crossed I hear something back.  If you’re vitising The Unrepeatables for the first time, Welcome!  If you enjoyed Between Good Fridays consider checking out one of the following essays, or just wander where the mood takes you.  

Caitlin Marchand B.A. MRS.

Pied Beauty

The Other Side of the Door

Send Not To Know For Whom

I have also been added to the writers roster at Ignitum Today, where I will be posting something once a month, my first rendezvous with a writing deadline since handing in my college thesis.  I’m terribly excited to have these opportunities to add my voice to the New Evangelization and will be linking to my articles.  However, in the spirit of this particular blog, which I strive to make catholic though not always Catholic, as laid out herethe next few things I post will actually bear little or no direct reference to my faith.  Once Mike is free to help me I will also be renovating this site for easier navigation.  For now, follow me down to the next post for a Random Caitlin Rant.


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