Happy Birthday Firstborn

My little JD is four. Four is big. He’s starting school next week. He reads himself to sleep.  He helps me with the baby. The other day he peeled some potatoes and helped fry onions. He’s big.
There’s a book I like to read every few years called The Living by Annie Dillard. I highly recommend it, especially if you know the Pacific Northwest, because for one thing it is a perfect depiction of both the beauty and gloom of the area. One of its other themes is that of generations and the relationships between them, particularly mothers to children. One touch that has always made me smile comes from the perspective of one main character who begins the story as a young mother and who we follow into old age.  Several times while contemplating one of her children Ada feels a touch of guilt that she favors this one above the others, but by the end of the book she has felt this about every one of her children. And that’s the thing with kids. You really do love each of them “best of all”, they are all your “favourite”, you will never love anybody as much as you love that one or that one or that one. JD is my first. My only first baby, my only biggest boy and my only JD. He is my teammate in figuring out how to be a mom.  I love him best, just like all the others. Happy Birthday Love 🙂


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