Why JD does not have a funny name

So Gus gets called The Fierce Bad Rabbit in here but JD has no nickname.  Is it because Gus is so especially Fierce and Bad? No.  Is it because Gus is especially beloved and therefore given extra names?  No.  It reflects a certain part of JD’s character.  He is a bright child, but not a particularly imaginative one.  He does not play pretend.  Yesterday he built a “road system”.  He likes to work in the garage with Dad or go fishing.  He likes to design train tracks and then NOT play on them.  He likes to watch science videos.  When I gave him nicknames he would say.

“I’m not pumpkin, I’m JD.”

“I’m not monkey I’m JD.”

One day he was rushing about being loud as children so often are and I said “Could you PLEASE be quiet!?!?!”

“I’m not Quiet, I’m JD”

And so he is.



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3 responses to “Why JD does not have a funny name

  1. Veronica

    I never thought of having to take personalities into account with nicknames…very cool. JD, what a level headed boy you are!

  2. jacks

    what about Mean Goat?

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